Thursday, April 20, 2017

They come and they go : )

 Every six weeks is “transfer day” for the missionaries.  Our district is made up of 4 missionary companionships plus ourselves.  Thank heavens we come and we stay in one place!  The young missionaries of course, move periodically.  It seems that each transfer about half the young missionaries in our district transfer.  We come to know and love them.  The hard part is having them leave, the great part is getting to know more amazing missionaries!

               This week Elder and Zuster Hill completed their 18-month mission and left for home and family.  They are the first senior couple to leave since we arrived.  We already miss them so much!!!  Just like the younger missionaries we get closer to some “companions” than others.  The Hills served in Daventer, about 1 hour east of us.  They were instrumental in getting us oriented and acquainted with living and serving in the Netherlands.  I could always call Zuster Hill for answers to my cooking questions/problems.  She had great menu suggestions when I couldn’t think of a thing to cook for the missionaries or institute.  They left a thriving Young Adult group in their ward due in large part to their love and kindness.  We hope to serve as well and faithfully as the Hills! 

Along with missionaries coming and going, Emily and family came to visit!!  It was a joy to see them walk out of the jetway at Schiphol Airport.  We went sightseeing on the weekends with them and they touristed in Germany and Paris during the week while we worked. 

Our first stop, three hours after they arrived was the I amsterdam sign in  Amsterdam : ) 


We took in a leg of the Tour of Flanders much to Lance’s delight!

Emily did her missionary work by leaving her Book of Mormon in a neighborhood lending library in Belgium : )

The girls loved staying in our attic bedroom on the third floor and were just as fascinated with the steep spiral staircase as Dean and Ruby! 


  We saw the beautiful Kinderdijk windmills.

One of our favorite spots was the famed Keukenhof Gardens.  It is peak blooming season and was spectacular!

   But the most beautiful flowers of all are these three…..!  We loved seeing them and are so grateful for their work and sacrifice to come see us.  Thanks Lance and Emily!  We love you so much!