Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time flies when you’re having fun...The after event report!

 This is what eleven days of our life look like: The “after event” report : ) 

Wednesday: Zone conference… lunch for 53.  So good to see the missionaries that have been in our district and to work with the Van Der Put's and the new senior couple, the Jongejans, to serve lunch.

Thursday: Rotterdam Institute… bring dessert

Friday: Den Bosch institute, dinner & lesson for 5 YSA’s and 3 adults.

 Saturday; missionaries for dinner

Sunday: nothing : )

Monday:  Hiked the Dom Tower in Utrecht.  It is the tallest church bell tower in the Netherlands….469 steps to the tippy top!  Great views and amazing huge bells.

Our elderly neighbor, Nescha, had hip replacement surgery, took dinner, (much to their amazement… “we don’t do that in the Netherlands”.  I told her we do it in America and convinced them it was a good idea!  Sweet, sweet couple.

Tuesday; 4th of July BBQ after district meeting.  We sang the Star Spangled banner in honor of the occasion and "God Save The Queen" for Elder Mancer (from England : )

Wednesday:   We helped the Van Der Puts clean and set up and apartment for sisters missionaries.....

Followed by dinner and lesson for Utrecht Institute.

 Thursday:   Rotterdam institute, lesson & dessert


Friday:  Den Bosch institute, dinner & lesson

Saturday:   Young adult kayaking the Utrecht Centrum canal and BBQ at our house.  We had 2 YSA’s come : ( But those two had a wonderful time!  : )

Somewhere in this 11 days Joe spent half a day with the Elders on an exchange and we took a road trip to Almere and Amersfoort to deliver fans to two sister apartments.  

And so it goes, week after week.   It’s good to be busy and feel useful.  We LOVE these young adults and missionaries.   We have just over 6 months left…….and we are eager to keep up the pace!


  1. Great turnout!! I feel like we need to come back just to enjoy Utrecht a little more!!!