Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Senior Couple BFF’s : )

One of the fun parts of serving a senior couple mission is getting to know the other senior couples.  We get together about every 4 months to relax and visit.  Right now we have a pretty big group : )  Our mission is so blessed!


For this activity we met at the Kastel De Haar near Utrecht.  It’s gorgeous and still in use by the owners.  There are acres and acres of gardens, a deer park, maze, eating places, a man-made river/lake and of course the humongous castle! 

Afterward we gathered at our house for a barbeque. We live in the middle of the Netherlands and have a home, as opposed to an apartment, so we offered to host the barbeque.  Even though we are centrally located the Olivers and Jongejans still have a 3-hour drive to get here. 

We practiced barbequing kabobs for a month before the dinner.  The missionaries really appreciated our practice!  I don’t know why we took a picture of me here….Joe did all the barbequing : )

It was a wonderful day of rest, relaxation and friendship.  Each of these couples have made sacrifices to serve this mission.  We have felt strengthened by their examples of faith and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to serving others. 

 l. to r.
The Jongejans in Groningen, us, the Brauwers in Rotterdam, the Gouts in Groningen, the Olivers in Mekelen, Belgium, the Van Der Puts in the mission presidency, the Goebels in the mission office, the Reeves in the mission office, President and Sister Bunnell, and the Fletchers in Eindhoven.  (and we still miss the Hills so much!)


  1. I can't believe so many people fit in your house!

  2. Your house is the are the best hosts! Friends are awesome.

  3. Missionary friends really are the best. I have been in Spokane Washington for a week visiting with my missionary friends. They are still so special in my life.